Cognitive Therapy

What Is Cognitive Therapy?

When you reach out for help from a therapist, you may just want to talk. You may want to let out all the bad things that have happened so you can begin to heal. This is a good starting point, but it tends to be not enough. Many people benefit from cognitive therapy. This is a specific form of therapy designed to help you to stop the process of having negative thoughts. It is very common for negative thoughts to grow and escape your control, leading you down a very dark path.

However, with cognitive therapy, there is the ability to recognize that these negative thought patterns are occurring. You also learn how to stop them. In doing so, you can help yourself to work through the difficult situation in a more positive light. It also allows you to focus on what reality is, so you are not focusing on the negative. Meet with Dr. Willard Ashley, Sr. to discuss how it can help you.