Couple's Therapy

Do You Need Couple's Therapy?

Many people face challenges during their married life. It is a part of life to go through these ups and downs. Many times, though, smaller problems become larger concerns as they build up over time. Unexpressed feelings or needs, emotional upheaval, and trauma leave people changed and struggling to find a way to work through these situations on their own. You do not have to do so. Couples therapy is an opportunity to come together to learn about each other and support each other.

Couples therapy does not change a person. Rather, it allows for improvement in the way people communicate. It can reveal important information or help teach you how to address your feelings constructively. In addition, this form of therapy should not be seen as a solution, but as the tool necessary to help both people make changes to achieve peace and respect again. If you are struggling with your loved one, schedule a consultation with Dr. Willard Ashley, Sr. in Montclair, NJ to talk about it openly.