Humanistic Therapy

What Is Humanistic Therapy?

As an individual, you may struggle with a variety of mental health issues. Yet, you may feel that traditional methods of therapy just do not help. You may want to consider humanistic therapy, often called humanism. It is designed to focus on a person’s individual characteristics and natural behaviors. It is meant to work as a positive approach to managing conditions such as anxiety, depression, and personality disorders. It can also help with family relationships and addiction.

Those who benefit from humanistic therapy will be able to create a plan that addresses the whole person. This may include your positive traits and the positive behaviors you have. When you visit Dr. Willard Ashley, Sr. in Montclair, NJ for this type of treatment, you will learn how to use your own personal skills to heal, grow, and even to manage the stressors you face each day. You learn to find your own wisdom, and that can be very powerful.