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Individual Therapy

Why Individual Therapy Is Necessary 

If a couple is fighting, it seems logical that a couple’s therapy session is necessary. It may be. In other cases, it may be a family that seems to struggle with managing daily tasks together. Family therapy is an option. However, there is a real benefit to individual therapy even in these situations. When an individual comes to see a therapist on his or her own, there is a unique opportunity to talk about topics they are worried about or feel are not right or okay.

When you are facing changes or trying to overcome the challenges of life, individual therapy can be one of the best tools available to you. It opens the door for a way to uncover what is really bothering you and limiting your success in relationships. It is a chance to talk to someone who really does understand and can offer solutions for you. Schedule an individual therapy session with Dr. Willard Ashley, Sr. in Montclair, NJ today. Determine how well this can help you build successful relationships.

Behavior Therapy

How Can Behavior Therapy Help You? 

Behavior therapy often called behavioral therapy, is the type of therapy that deals with the unhealthy behaviors or actions people have. It is a type of treatment for mental health disorders and can be a very powerful way for you to improve the way you or your loved one interacts with the world around them.

There are many ways that behavior therapy can help a person. The goal is to stop self-destructive or otherwise unhealthy behaviors from occurring. This may help individuals who have anger issues or panic disorders. It can help many people with phobias, eating disorders, and post-traumatic stress disorder. You may also wish to seek out this care if you have substance abuse disorders, engage in self-harm, or have OCD. Our team and Dr. Willard Ashley, Sr. will work with you to create a treatment plan to address any specific behaviors you have to provide you with relief.

sleep Therapy

Therapist for Help with Sleep Problems

Many men and women struggle with the inability to sleep well. Sometimes, this is due to physical problems and injuries. Other times, it is due to mental health concerns. If you are unable to sleep well, it may be time to consider seeing a mental health therapist for guidance and encouragement.

A mental health therapist listens to you and creates a treatment plan to address each one of your concerns. The goal here is to help you understand why you cannot sleep. This can help with those managing insomnia or those who have trouble just getting to sleep. If you cannot stop your racing mind or you feel overwhelmed in trying to balance daily stress, meet with Dr. Willard Ashley, Sr. to find out how you can get some help. You may find a single session is one of the best ways to ease into better quality sleep.

Cognitive Therapy

What Is Cognitive Therapy?

When you reach out for help from a therapist, you may just want to talk. You may want to let out all the bad things that have happened so you can begin to heal. This is a good starting point, but it tends to be not enough. Many people benefit from cognitive therapy. This is a specific form of therapy designed to help you to stop the process of having negative thoughts. It is very common for negative thoughts to grow and escape your control, leading you down a very dark path.

However, with cognitive therapy, there is the ability to recognize that these negative thought patterns are occurring. You also learn how to stop them. In doing so, you can help yourself to work through the difficult situation in a more positive light. It also allows you to focus on what reality is, so you are not focusing on the negative. Meet with Dr. Willard Ashley, Sr. to discuss how it can help you.

Humanistic Therapy

What Is Humanistic Therapy?

As an individual, you may struggle with a variety of mental health issues. Yet, you may feel that traditional methods of therapy just do not help. You may want to consider humanistic therapy, often called humanism. It is designed to focus on a person’s individual characteristics and natural behaviors. It is meant to work as a positive approach to managing conditions such as anxiety, depression, and personality disorders. It can also help with family relationships and addiction.

Those who benefit from humanistic therapy will be able to create a plan that addresses the whole person. This may include your positive traits and the positive behaviors you have. When you visit Dr. Willard Ashley, Sr. in Montclair, NJ for this type of treatment, you will learn how to use your own personal skills to heal, grow, and even to manage the stressors you face each day. You learn to find your own wisdom, and that can be very powerful.

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