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Group Therapy

Psychoanalyst – How Can They Help You?

Getting any level of support for your specific mental health needs is worthwhile. However, for some people, seeking out a psychoanalyst is a better decision than trying to work with any other provider. To be a psychoanalyst, your psychologist needs to obtain enhanced training and skills in the use of a non-medical treatment called psychoanalysis. Could this help you?

A psychoanalyst is an individual who has specific experience in the theories and treatment methods that fall under this area of mental health. It is a theory developed by Sigmund Freud. It is they believe that a person may be able to see improvements and even a cure if they explore their unconscious thoughts and motivations. In short, when you work with Dr. Willard Ashley, Sr., you gain the ability to learn why you feel the way you do. This treatment plan is designed to give you answers to what is happening and solutions for overcoming it.

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