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10 Ways to Destress After a Long Work Week

We have all experienced a long work week. Challenges. Stress. Office Politics. Deadlines. Evaluations. Difficult Supervisors. Demanding Customers. High Stakes. Long Hours. Unexpected Realities.

The good news is the work week is behind you. Leave it at work. Take a break. Be good to yourself. Self-care is in order and necessary. Time to destress. Let's pick healthy options.

Here are a few ideas:

1. Go on a nature walk and bring your camera.

2. Go to a spa (half day - full day), get a massage

3.Take a class - cooking, photography, painting, etc.

4. Do something spiritual, worship, yoga, volunteer

5. Watch a movie, read a book or play indoor games

6. Visit the mall to shop, eat, dream or people watch

7. Spend time together with family doing something fun

8. Go to a concert, sporting event, museum or comedy club

9. Go play your favorite sport.

10. Stay home. Rest. Relax. Take on that home project.

Write me back to share your experiences and add to the list.

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