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Change Your Thoughts and Change Your Life with Cognitive Therapy

Your thoughts have a bigger impact on your life than you think. They can cause anxiety, panic, depression and a host of other unpleasant problems in your life. It can be hard to change your thinking. People get into the habit of negative thinking. Many may not even realize it. Listen to the words that you used in your head. Do you expect the worst? Do you always look at the bad side? You can change this way of thinking through cognitive therapy. This is an individual therapy where you and your therapist work to help you see the world as a better place in order to ease symptoms that you may have.


While some types of therapy delve into your past, in some cases, going all the way back to childhood, this type of therapy does not. In this therapy, the focus is on now and how you feel and think in the present.

Thoughts, feelings, and behaviors

  • Your therapist will work with you to find how you think and feel, and how those thoughts and feelings are impacting your behavior.

  • Together, you will work to identify why you think this way.

  • You will then work on changing any thinking that is harming you.


This type of therapy can also help with substance abuse issues and eating disorders. When used in combination with other programs and types of therapy for substance abuse and eating disorders, this type of therapy can be a useful tool for you. Anything that helps you overcome your addiction issues is worth trying.

The mind

The mind is very powerful. You can begin to believe that what you think is real. Therefore, it is like a self-fulfilling prophecy. If you believe that only bad things happen in your life, you can manifest that. Even if something good happens, you may very well overlook that since you are so focused on the bad.

Working with your therapist is something wonderful that you can do for yourself. Try your best to shut out any thoughts that are causing you harm. With the help of therapy and some homework that you will work on, you can change your life for the better. It is your life and you truly owe it to yourself to make it as good as possible. Start focusing on things as they are, rather than based on the negative thoughts that you have.

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