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Compassionate Competent Care Customized for You

I am Dr. Willard Ashley, Sr. and your wellness is my ultimate concern. I have provided patients in the Montclair area of New Jersey counseling and psychological services to meet their needs for many years.

If you are a couple, individual, or family needing help, my therapy sessions are designed to build confidence and assist in the healing process.

Through psychoanalysis, I examine your unconscious thoughts, actions, dreams, perceptions, defenses, recurring patterns, avoidances, relationships, and past experiences.

We will work together to solve problems you may have and improve your behavior and positive thinking. I can help reframe your reactions and offer you valuable tools to cope with the challenges of life. You will find my personalized therapy sessions both inspirational and beneficial.

If you require quality couples therapy sessions with a therapist trained in marriage and family therapy, you have come to the right place. Guiding my patients every step of the way, I implement various methods to help couples develop new attitudes towards all of the complex matters of life.

During family therapy visits, we can work together to examine the challenges, patterns, strengths, histories, losses, roles, rules, spiritual practices, ethnicity, and stories that can impact a healthy family's functioning.

You can join one of our groups, where you will receive support and strength while getting compassionate feedback about how others see you. Learn how to feel supported by peers as you grow. Understand how you function in relationships.

Are you anxious or down in the dumps? Are you unsure about a relationship? Or are you just concerned that the life you are living is not the life intended for you? Whatever the case may be, I can offer support and help. Therapy is the process of self-discovery and growth.

During my sessions, I promote behavioral changes by encouraging a positive attitude and adopting new reactions and attitudes. I have the tools and professional experience to get you back on track.

If you have experienced trauma in the workplace, organizations, or community, I can help provide antiracism consultation and supervision. My fifty years of experience addressing racism both personally and professionally enables me to work with companies, universities, professional groups, and individuals to address the problem of racism in the workplace and relationships.

If you have a certain life obstacle you are trying to deal with, receiving help from a certified professional is the way to get things back on track. I am a committed professional psychoanalyst, and your mental strength and wellbeing are my number one priority.

I am happy to help you through all of life's challenges with the care and attention you desire and deserve.

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